The most successful brand innovations come from ideas that connect people – through a sense of positive newness – to the unique values that a brand chooses to own and live by.

Innovation is increasingly being employed to create competitive advantages in all facets of business, and while innovations on their own are interesting, when inspired by a brand’s mission, values and uniqueness, they are capable of changing a business, an industry and a generation.

Which is why at Deepend, consideration of not only the brand but the entire design and brand system is elevated in everything we do. We constantly ask: have we powerfully connected to what’s great about a brand, is that apparent in the solution we have created, and can we replicate and consistency deliver the brand into the future?

Working with Teacher's Health Fund (THF), Australia's largest 'for Teachers' insurance provider, we created a common design language with the goal of reducing brand implementation costs, increasing overall user experience and improving brand consistency across THF assets.

We also delivered a 'living', online, brand system that housed all key brand assets and delivered them in real-time across their entire digital asset portfolio. Core to this offering is our Brand and Design Audit product – the perfect first step in understanding and shaping a structured response to improving the performance of your brand assets.

Our Brand and Design Audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success. Our Brand and Design Audit reviews visual style, messaging and brand consistency of your application, with the goal of creating a common design language that reduces brand implementation costs, increasing the overall user experience to nurture brand loyalty.

Summary of our approach:

Site Design

Review layout and overall structure

User Interactions

Review consistency of buttons, icons and call to actions

Brand Consistency

Does the design align with your company's brand


Review the choice and style of images used

Voice and Tone

Finding your brand's voice - does the language match the brand personality and values?

Download a detailed outline of how we'd structure a Brand and Design Audit for your business

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Consultant (Creative & Brand)

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