A purely programmatic approach to paid media strategy will never yield the same results that a holistic, hands-on, customer centric approach will.

What device your customers are more likely to be on when viewing your advertising, time of day and even age bracket can dramatically change your approach to elements like flighting and retargeting strategies.

This coupled with a knowledge of the technical levers you can pull, such as Google Ad Extensions, to improve the overall ranking of your advertisements, genuinely contribute to a higher performing, lower cost use of advertising dollars.

At Deepend, we believe that a hands-on, incremental approach to media optimisation is key to the overall performance of your media spend. We look to combine user insight with a detailed revue of analytical data to make your advertising spend work harder and smarter.

Working with Southern Phone, we first looked at user data from their web platform. We noticed a direct correlation between user groups age bracket and their propensity to convert using online purchase mechanisms. For example, younger audiences were more likely to convert online, while the older the audience was, the more likely they were to use more traditional forms of contact, like phone or email, before actually committing to purchaseWe used this insight to shape a retargeting strategy. This saw age-relevant messaging presented to potential customers. Younger audiences, for example, were prompted to come to the site with messaging like “2 clicks to purchase and your phone will be delivered to you within 48 hours”

The retargeting campaign alone was a huge success, driving a 500% reduction in cost per lead to the site within just 6 weeks of launching.Core to this offering is our Design & Brand Audit product, the perfect first step in understanding and shaping a structured response to improving your brand assets' performance.

Our Digital Media Audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success.

The Media Audit looks to ensure your budgets are invested in platforms that align with your business objectives. And the campaigns within them are built to facilitate effective optimisation, pacing, ‘flighting’ and analysis.

Summary of our Approach

Context Session

Creating a shared understanding of the business and problem context


Ensure tracking is in place to evaluate fulfilment of goals


Ensure media mix aligns with audience research


Investigate if platforms are setup to effectively manage campaigns, optimise to goals and adhere to best practice


Create a roadmap to restructure campaigns and improve tracking

Download a detailed outline of how we'd structure an Digital Media Audit for your business

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