With Amazon Alexa now launched in Australia, we are on the verge of the next digital platform revolution. Voice is creating new context and Brand opportunity, and Deepend can help you capitalise right now.

Voice is set to only grow in Australia and, as Google, Amazon and Apple fight it out in Australian homes, it will create new context for brands and users to explore. We are at the front of that journey. We are leveraging our local knowledge and partners globally to build voice applications and craft voice experiences right now to ensure you are able to engage positively in this rapidly growing space.

At Deepend we design positive change – it is an intentional action that puts people at the centre of our thinking, their behaviour and expectations help shape products and brand experiences that are relevant, meaningful and deliver positive outcomes for our clients and the people they want to connect with.

Having just launched Australia's first, enterprise level, Amazon Alexa 'Skills' for Village Roadshow and with a over a dozen other high-end skills in the pipline, the team at Deepend has the experience and bandwidth to help your business find its voice.Core to our offering is our Voice Prepareness Audit, the perfect first step in understanding and shaping a structured response to shaping your voice strategy.

Our Voice-Preparedness Audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success

The VPA looks at a number of key factors within the business to help determine the fastest road to success when adopting Voice Experience technologies.

Summary of our approach:

Innovation Framework Lifestage

a businesses propensity for, and acceptance of, change

Corporate Communications

Language, Tone and Messaging


Create a roadmap to deliver success through voice


Current and Future States

Use Cases for Voice

Feasible, Viable and Desirable

Download a detailed outline of how we'd structure a Voice Preparedness Audit for your business

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Business Director

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Managing Director - Sydney

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Managing Director - Melbourne

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Managing Partner - Sydney