How aware are you of your websites ability to acquire the right traffic and drive it towards an appropriate conversion? How regularly do you assess the impact of technological or behavioural change, and shift your strategy accordingly?

It genuinely takes a regular and consistent commitment to analysis, measurement and incremental change to ensure that your web platform is performing consistently over time. This really should take the form of monthly assessment of your platforms key performance indicators, and a schedule of incremental test and learn activities to ensure you are achieving your goals.

At Deepend, Analytics and insights is a core competency and underpins the framework with which we engage with all our clients on an on-going basis. We mine all available data sources and look for true behavioural insights around which to shape things like content strategy, user experience and conversion drivers.

Working with P&O Cruises, we developed custom Benchmarking reports that looked at key metrics specific to P&O. Amongst other KPIs, these reports looked at things like lead time to booking per cruise type and destination.After looking at several months data, we noticed that Cruises had very different booking lead times, dependant on their destination. For example, there is a general perception in Australia that cruises to the South Pacific are plentiful, and therefore they were booked much closer to their departure date. This insight was critical to reshaping the yield strategy and marketing strategies for each cruise type. This far more segmented approach to pricing, marketing and yield management drive huge uplifts in revenue for P&O, as they began to refrain from discounting for particular cruise types before it was actually necessary.

Core to this inital engagement with P&O was our Website Analytics and CRO Audit, the perfect first step in understanding and shaping a structured response to improving their website performance and CRO.

Our Web Analytics and CRO Audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success

Summary of our approach:

Context Session

Creating a shared understanding of the business and problem context


Implement tracking to ensure we can ask questions of the data and validate assumptions


Mine the data and look for trends. Segment by relevant audiences and dimensions


Create hypothesis about what is driving a trend and how we can act or find out more (e.g. test)

Download a detailed outline of how we'd structure an Website Analytics and CRO Audit for your business

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